Why Heart Bright Learning?

To naturally inspire education as an inquiry into the unique and universal themes connecting nature and humanity.
Develop processes to curate, create and customize resources that focus local global sensitivities, resources and talent through the internet to support student, teacher and community centered design publishing and research.  
Education that aligns human development, nature, culture & economics with the rich diversity and heritages that enrich people, sensitivities, capacities and purposes in ways that mature their engagement, humor, imaginations, love, purpose and work.  
Focus on:
• educating for a healthy use of intelligence, compassion, intuition, logic, choice, voice & agency
• bottom-up curriculum design with focus on continuous improvement of resources & organization
• curation of applicable internet resources 
• use of e-portfolios for assessment to move beyond high stakes testing & give agency to students
• research to improve understanding of student and teacher diversity and to wisely align students and teachers with learning experiences and each other
• continual improvement of local & global community alignment of human, cultural, natural and economic resources
INITIAL PRODUCT OFFERINGS (To Be Continuously Improved, Adapted, Adjusted)
• Early reading and writing focusing on voice, discovery, imagination
• Poetry for early reading fluency
• SEL Stories
• Curated multimedia curriculum resources 
• Personalized Literature Library for home & classroom 
• Global Citizen Science Dream Journal to develop and research intuition and the collective unconscious
• Blogs
A creative community Continuous Improvement Copyright that encourages adapting, translating and extending curriculum resources to continuously improve their alignment with teacher and student needs. 
This allows the Originating Author to receive an originator’s royalty that is both diluted and increased by the work of Adapting Author(s).