The Struggle To Deinstitutionalize Education

The Lord said to the Devil,
"Behold the Truth."

And the Devil said,
"Excellent, let me organize it.

Exploring the importance and complexity of truth happens when we light the spirit of love, observation, introspection, compassion, and beauty to support our tender balance, brilliance, and aesthetic appreciation as well as our tolerance for ambivalence, powerlessness, and not knowing.

The following blogs explore this beautiful truth: Learning is an instinct and a profound gift when it enables us to explore the creation within, between and among us, and in relationship to nature.

With luck we discover the beauty and unity that leads to gratitude and strengthens our will to nourish harmony.

The humor in the dialogue between The Lord & The Devil provides this healthy perspective: We are created to exist in profoundly powerful creative truths, and those truths are lost over and over when we organize schools and classrooms into grades, preset curriculums, and standardized tests that confine students and teachers and separate them from naturally engaging, inquiring, and playful experiences that lead to joy, wonder, learning and character.

To reduce the negative impact of institutions we must recognize that the obstacles educators and students face come from a natural conflict within organizations because they seek order through top-down control; thus, they rely on standardization to create predictable outcomes at scale.

However, the outcome we work to create in our classrooms is to support an awakening, unique human spirit that depends on freedom and moment-to-moment personal engagement, flow, and movement to inspire sensitivity, intelligence, and meaningful learning.

The theme of these blogs is that we can use technology to wisely marry people, the humanities and science to set education on a more engaging, creative, and joyful path that stimulates our human spirit, so we nourish curiosity, kindness, and intelligence. This process can lead to a higher, happier, and more lasting order within teachers and students, and thus, in classrooms, communities and the world.

True, this process won’t be entirely predictable, nor will we be able to focus on measuring it on standardized tests to provide the accountability The Devil sells as a holy grail, but it will be beautifully and naturally empowering, enriching, self-organizing, original, and in service to love. Our success will be apparent to all with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to understand..
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