Poems - First Heartbeats

Oh beautiful earth spinning
faster than hunting cheetah
how do you gift me
and great forest trees
the freedom to be
still as resplendent lake
dressed in silent moon beams
soon to greet dawn’s first light
that made me one
with earth’s breath
drawn through quivering nostrils

Is this how God breathed life
into Adam
how Adam awakened
to God like Eskimo lovers
nostril to nostril smelling
the symphony before poetry
shaped from the first heartbeat
of mother and fetus

Mother and infant 3
discovering and rediscover each other
through cooing smiling song
soft as birds becoming dawn
spreading their feathery skin
over the first gourde
remembering the inner ear
timbre, temple, and bellows
loud and silent as spring
inspiring what is
and what will be

As hands and feet repeat
salutation’s first and final beat
rhythm and rhyme
returning us into
the first spinning light
where all that breathes
weaves us into beauty
growing and becoming
through prayers and poems
that in the end we might be

as true, still, and alive
as the mighty heartbeat
that swells with wet fresh smells
into the nobility of our humble
and perfect origin
and places us
on our math and language path
stone by stone
steady as countless
leaves and lovers
breathing our way
into life’s many symphonies


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