Poems - Education For Creation's Choir

In the beginning was the word
and the word was to create

To create a universe,
One song of unfolding beauty –
Beauty to enjoy
to ponder
to wonder about
Beauty to celebrate

Scientists say the word
has been whirling into worlds
for over 13 billion years

Whirling simplicity
Whirling complexity
Whirling symmetry
Whirling our universe
One poem, one unending song

Generations of stars exploding
forming all the elements
in the Periodic Table
Creating the possibilities
of minerals, enzymes, proteins
of sky, water, earth and life

We and the earth
formed from generations of starlight and stardust

Once everything we see
but not every sensation,
thought, and feeling
was part of a cosmic cloud
Then part of a star
then part of a star destroying explosion
that in time has become you and me

How could it be?
How could it be?
And yet it is!
And yet it is!

Within this beautiful whirling
sea of change
of beginnings and endings
the goal of education
should be for all of us
to work and play together
to discover what is
who we are
and to create what we want to be

Is there any other gift or goal
that we should have for our children?

Should there be any other purpose for our society?

The goal of education is to
fully enfold children
In the unfolding of themselves
In the enfolding and unfolding of ourselves
in the universe

To support our children in singing
Their song celebrating creation

This is where science, spiritual seeking,
art, service and free enterprise meet
All these ways of knowing
and flowing with the force of creation

The goal of education is to know so we flow
all singing together in creation’s choir…
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